Memphis Rapper Baby CEO Reportedly Dies at 20


Image via Twitter

Memphis rapper Baby CEO has reportedly died at the age of 20.

Although no official announcement or cause of death has been revealed, social media was ablaze Wednesday morning with tributes to the young rapper.

The rumors of his death were seemingly confirmed by tweets from Baby CEO’s account. One post denounced any stories claiming that his death was the result of violence, with a quickly deleted note reading, “He Wasn’t Shot Or Killed By Anyone Please Stop Spreading False Rumors And Pray For Our Family.”

Baby CEO first gained national attention at the age of 14 when his aggressive videos started to go viral. He quickly became linked to Chicago’s Fredo Santana, becoming his protégé and signing to Savage Squad Records. Baby CEO and Santana remained in close contact until Fredo suffered a fatal seizure at 27 years old in 2018. If Baby CEO’s death occurred on Tuesday, it would’ve fallen on the same day Fredo died three years ago.

Along with his bubbling rap career, Baby CEO also had a growing family.

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