Trey Songz Alleges Witness Tampering In Miami Sexual Assault Case


While being investigated for a rape allegation, Trey Songz is now requesting for a 2017 sexual assault case to be thrown out. Songz—born Tremaine Neverson—is being sued by the alleged victim, Jauhara Jeffries who stated that while dancing at the E11VEN nightclub. During a New Year’s Eve party in 2017, the “Dive In” singer reportedly penetrated her vaginally with his finger without consent.

However, in documents obtained by TMZ, he claims her attorney, Ariel Mitchell, attempted to pay off an unnamed eyewitness who can help clear his name. The rumored witness denies being personally assaulted and claims she didn’t witness Neverson assault anyone.

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Jeffrey Neiman, Neverson’s attorney, alleged that Mitchell wanted her to join the case as a co-plantiff to “strengthen” the allegations against Neverson in hopes of gaining a larger settlement. Neiman further mentioned that Mitchell offered a payout ranging between $100,000 and $200,000.

Mitchell is also on the legal team for Dylan Gonzalez, a 27-year-old basketball star who claims Neverson raped her at a popular Las Vegas hotel. Earlier this year on social media, she revealed she will be pursuing the matter legally in a statement where she says she’s endured “long-suppressed horror and unbearable PTSD.”

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