Airbnb is offering 12 people to live for free anywhere in the world for one year


If you’re eager to escape the four walls of your cramped apartment after more than a year of mainly living indoors, you might be excited to hear that Airbnb has launched a program that transports a dozen people back into the great unknown. Called “Live Anywhere on Airbnb,” the initiative seeks 12 people to live “exclusively in listings on Airbnb for approximately one year” (from July 2021 to July 2022). In addition, the company will cover any fees associated with the listings and even “provide an allowance for transportation for the duration of the program.”

All you have to do in return is provide the company feedback about the overall Airbnb experiences, including “Ideal types of accommodations for solo travelers or groups like families” and “Connections to local community members and businesses.”

That doesn’t mean that if you’re picked for the program, you’ll stay at the same Airbnb listing for the entire 12 months. The company specifies that you might be moving from location to location throughout the year, so applicants should be prepared to be flexible and on the move.

According to a press release from Airbnb, the program is inspired by work and living conditions that have become more flexible since the start of the pandemic. Indeed, employers are now more open to people working remotely, and eagerness to travel has skyrocketed now that most lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Airbnb says it’s especially interested in diverse candidates, “young families,” “empty nesters,” and “remote workers” — people for whom picking up essential belongings and living and working on the road for a year wouldn’t be a burden. It’s also a chance for anyone looking for an adventure to strike out on their own after a challenging year. Participants in the program can also choose to rent their homes on Airbnb to earn extra income while they’re away.

Starting today, interested families and individuals can apply to participate here until June 30. If you’re selected, Airbnb will help structure your journey and pick out the best listings for you throughout the year.