How’s Your British Accent? Take This Tour Across Great Britain To Find Out


Great Britain is hardly a best-kept secret in travel; its myriad charms have long been known the world over. And yet, it’s very much a multilayered destination, one that, despite its relatively small size, is full of constant surprises and hidden corners. Especially for those savvy enough to explore the entirety of the island and its three distinct countries: England, Scotland, Wales.

From the rugged Highlands of Scotland and the scenic windswept coast of Wales, to the creative metropolitan centers of Newcastle and Liverpool, to the rich history and seaside delights of Essex, our guide will give you a broader sense of the UK’s impressive regional diversity. Along the way, you’ll also discover some of the destination’s warm and welcoming dialects. There are some 40+ accents in total — not bad for an island slightly smaller than Michigan and just half the size of Spain!

Are you ready to broaden your understanding of “the British accent,” and put yours to the test? Here’s where to do it and what to look forward to along the way.

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