14 arrested in Denmark counterterrorism raids


Feb. 12 (UPI) — Law enforcement officials in Denmark said Friday they’ve arrested more than a dozen people they suspect of planning terror attacks.

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service — known as PET in Denmark — carried out a series of raids between Saturday and Monday on the island of Zealand. They initially arrested seven people on charges they planned one or more terror attacks or were accessory to attempted terrorism.


The agency said the suspects acquired ingredients and components for making explosives as well as firearms. During a press briefing Friday, PET operations chief Flemming Drejer said authorities discovered detonators, pump guns and a hunting rifle with binoculars.

Another six suspects were arrested when they came before a court in the town of Holbæk, while a final suspect was arrested in Germany in cooperation with authorities there.

“PET considers this to be a very serious matter. We believe that there are individuals with the intent and capacity to commit terrorist attacks in Denmark,” the agency said in a statement, calling the terror threat “significant.”