4-year-old Netherlands boy borrows mother’s keys, crashes car


May 2 (UPI) — A 4-year-old Netherlands boy took his mother’s keys and crashed her vehicle into two parked cars, authorities said.

A bystander discovered the child walking barefoot in his pajamas and alone in Overvecht, a neighborhood in the Dutch town of Utrecht, on Saturday morning after the incident, which happened after his father had left home for work, according to local police.


The bystander feared the child might be hypothermic and alerted authorities.

Utrecht police and emergency responders arriving at the scene checked the child for injuries — he was reportedly unharmed — and gave him a bear to “put him at ease,” according to the recap of the incident via Instagram.

“We then took the baby to the police station to find out where he came from, and to drink hot chocolate,” the post read.

Police discovered the abandoned vehicle having hit two parked cars, and authorities located the mother based on the vehicle’s registration.

While speaking with her on the phone, the child made a gesture of a collision with his hands and made a steering motion, leading officers to believe he may have been driving the crashed car.


As the boy’s father arrived at the scene, authorities asked the child if he knew how the car operated.

Police said he was able to use the keys to open the vehicle, start the ignition, use his foot to operate the clutch and step on the gas.