At least 41 dead after fire sweeps through prison in Indonesia


Sept. 8 (UPI) — A fire flashed through a prison in Indonesia on Wednesday, killing more than 40 inmates, according to authorities.

The blaze started at the Tangerang prison, located about 25 miles west of Jakarta. Police suspect that a short-circuit may have started the flames.


Authorities said at least 41 people died.

Firefighters battled the flames for two hours before it was put out, but crews stopped the fire from spreading to other parts of the prison.

The block that caught fire mostly held prisoners that were charged with drug-related offenses.

The prison has a capacity of 900 inmates, but was said to be housing more than 2,000.

Built in 1972, the prison’s electrical system hadn’t been updated in decades.

Human Rights Watch reported last year that Indonesia had 270,000 prison inmates, more than twice its capacity.