Britain to impose further sanctions against Belarus over support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


July 4 (UPI) — Britain said it will impose further economic, trade and transport sanctions against Belarus on Tuesday over its support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The package was announced Monday by Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and expands punitive measures London first applied to Moscow now to Minsk.


“The Belarus regime has actively facilitated [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s invasion, letting Russia use its territory to pincer Ukraine — launching troops and missiles from their border and flying Russian jets through their airspace,” it said in a statement.

London added that Belarus’ president, Alexander Lukashenko, has also supported the Kremlin’s narrative that it was Ukraine which provoked Russia to launch the war.

The punitive measures extended to Belarus include import and export bans affecting some $72.6 million worth of products, including oil refining goods, advanced technology components and luxury goods, such as British art and handbags.

Import bans affect Belarusian iron and steel, it said.

Britain will also ban Belarus from accessing its financial services sector, which will deny Minsk companies from issuing debt and securities in London, it said.


Britain’s finance ministry on Monday also added six Russians to its sanctions list that freezes all assets in there name as well as United World International, an online news site it said “promotes pro-Russian disinformation.”

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine with the help of Belarus on Feb. 24, democratic nations have repeatedly applied punitive sanctions against Moscow and Minks in an effort to bring about the end of the war.