Britain’s High Court allows deportation flight to Rwanda


June 10 (UPI) — Britain’s High Court has allowed a deportation flight to Rwanda to take off next Tuesday as legal efforts to block the flight failed. But an appeal in the case will be heard by the Court of Appeal Monday.

The High Court said there’s a “material public interest” in allowing Home Secretary Priti Patel to carry out the deportation policies.


Lawyers for plaintiffs seeking to block the deportation flight raised issues about the Rwanda asylum system as they sought to block the flight.

Home Secretary Patel approved of the High Court decision.

“People will continue to try and prevent their relocation through legal challenges and last-minute claims but we will not be deterred in breaking the deadly people-smuggling trade and ultimately save lives,” Patel said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed, tweeting, “We cannot allow people traffickers to put lives at risk and our world leading partnership will help break the business model of these ruthless criminals.”

Clare Mosley, founder of the rights group Care4Calais, said in a statement that they will continue to oppose the immigration policy allowing the Rwanda deportation “as we are deeply concerned for the welfare of people who may be forcibly deported to Rwanda.”