British police hunt for gunman who shot into Liverpool family’s home, killed young girl


Aug. 23 (UPI) — British authorities have launched a manhunt for a gunman who brazenly opened fire into a family’s home in Liverpool, killing a young girl, as he was chasing another man who sought refuge in the home.

Police said the shooting occurred Monday night in the Merseyside section of Liverpool, which is located about 170 miles northwest of London.


The family told police that the man who was being chased forced his way into their home. Moments later, the gunman arrived and began shooting.

Authorities said that 9-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel, who was preparing for bed, was hit by the gunfire and later died at a Liverpool hospital.

“I know that the murder of Olivia has rocked our communities, who are quite rightly upset and outraged that such an abhorrent crime has occurred here on the streets of Merseyside,” Chief Constable Serena Kennedy said according to Sky News.

“This is a shocking and appalling attack which will reverberate around our communities.”

Police said Olivia’s mother had opened the door to her home after she heard gunfire in the street. That’s when the 35-year-old man who was being chased forced his way inside.


The woman was shot in the wrist while trying to close to door on the shooter. The first man into the house was also shot several times.

It wasn’t immediately known why the gunman was chasing the other man, but police said the girl’s family did not know the shooter.

“We need to find all who were responsible for this,” Kennedy added. “Not just the gunman. We need to find out who supplied the weapon and who arranged this terrible incident.”

Authorities did not initially identify the gunman on Tuesday.