British police say Liverpool bomb could have been far more deadly


Nov. 19 (UPI) — British authorities said Friday that the terrorist attack at a Liverpool hospital early this week could have been much worse and killed many more people than just the suicide bomber.

In an update, investigators said the bomb set off last Sunday by Emad al-Swealmeen in a tax cab outside of the women’s hospital contained ball bearings, which were designed to break apart and injure large numbers of people.


Officials also said that the homemade explosive device may have detonated prematurely, due to the movement of the taxi.

Police said they have spoken to the bomber’s brother, but have not yet discovered a motive.

“Officers spoke with the brother of al-Swealmeen [Thursday] evening and this has given us an insight into his early years and an understanding of al-Swealmeen’s life and his recent state of mind, which is an important line of investigation,” Russ Jackson, head of counter-terror police, said, according to The Guardian.

“The investigation is still moving at a very fast pace and will continue into the weekend and the coming weeks.”

Investigators have said they believe that the bomber was the only person involved in the attack, which also slightly injured the taxi driver.