Dutch police say man sought help online in plot to assassinate PM Mark Rutte


Oct. 13 (UPI) — Authorities in the Netherlands said Wednesday that a 22-year-old man is facing charges of plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The man, identified in local reports as Yuvuz O., is scheduled to appear in court next week on charges of making threats, incitement with a terrorist objective and preparing to attack one or more politicians.


Authorities said the man posted messages on Telegram that asked where he could find weapons and gunmen to carry out the plot.

“Would you have what it takes to shoot them all? From a car. Open the window. Gun out. And shoot,” said one of the man’s social posts, according to the NL Times.

The accused plotter discussed the plot with people online and in person, officials said. At one point, he spoke about “storming” Dutch Parliament and shooting Rutte as he tried to escape.

Reports said last month that Dutch authorities had provided Rutte with more security over concerns that there was a plot by organized crime members to kidnap him. Officials made the move when suspected “spotters” were found near Rutte.

In April, Rutte survived a contentious vote of no-confidence following complaints about his conduct during talks to form a new governing coalition.