Former tennis champ Boris Becker transferred to British prison for foreign nationals


May 25 (UPI) — Former German tennis champion Boris Becker has been transferred to a prison housing foreign nationals in Britain, an indication he may be deported.

A British judge sentenced Becker to two and a half years in prison April 29 for hiding more than $3 million in assets illegally during his bankruptcy.


According to the The Times, Becker is now incarcerated at HMP Huntercombe prison in Oxfordshire. Becker’s lawyer told journalists he had been transferred.

An inspection of Huntercombe in 2017 discovered 185 of the 197 men held at the prison then had been deported.

Becker could be deported because British law allows for any foreign national convicted of a crime and given a prison sentence to be considered for deportation.

When Becker was sentenced Judge Deborah Taylor said that he had “an undue reliance” on his advisers and that he had the obligation to disclose his assets. The judge also said at sentencing that “it was notable that he had not shown remorse or humility.”

Becker is a three-time Wimbleton champion who was declared bankrupt June 21, 2017.