Historic winter storm heads to the South: Latest


Heavy snow will make travel extremely difficult around Dallas.

In the Pacific Northwest, a major winter storm is bringing heavy snow and freezing rain to Portland and Seattle.

Nearly 2 to 3 inches of snow has already been reported in Portland and Seattle, with more expected in the morning.

Over 0.8 inches of ice has been reported in some spots near Portland, knocking out power.

On the East Coast, a major storm is bringing freezing rain, sleet and snow.

Over .25 inches of ice is expected to accumulate in parts of Virginia, enough to down trees and knock out power lines.

The snow and ice will spread into parts of the Northeast Saturday from Washington, D.C., to New York. This will likely cause roads to be slippery — drivers should be especially careful.

On Sunday, heavy snow is expected from Colorado to northern Texas to Oklahoma.

Heavy snow will make travel extremely difficult around Dallas on Sunday and Monday — the National Weather Service is calling this a historic winter storm.

Freezing rain and sleet will also hit Texas, moving south to the Gulf Coast.

By Monday morning, a heavy wintry mix will move across Houston and into Louisiana and Mississippi. Travel will be very dangerous as ice accumulates in the region.

The wind chill — what it feels like — will plunge in Texas. Houston is expected to feel like minus 3 degrees on Tuesday morning.

By Tuesday morning, heavy snow will also hit the Northeast.