Indonesian earthquake death toll reaches 84


Jan. 18 (UPI) — Indonesian authorities said the death toll from a deadly earthquake that hit Sulawesi island in the darkness last week increased to 84 as the search for survivors and bodies continued.

The 6.2-magnitude earthquake killed 73 in the city of Mamuju, north of the epicenter, while another 11 died in Majene, about 125 miles south of Mamuju. The temblor struck early Friday.


Raditya Jati, of Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management, said the earthquake seriously hurt at least 253 while another 679 people sustained minor injuries. The incident also triggered three landslides along the main road connecting Majene and Mamuju and caused widespread power outages in the area.

Two planes from the Indonesian Air Force transported 14 tons of relief aid for earthquake victims.

“We have sent assistance in the form of fast food, blankets, medicines, and tents [as well] as personnel to help [people] in affected areas,” Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal Fadjar Prasetyo said.

Indonesia is part of the “Ring of Fire,” an area of the Pacific that includes volcanic islands and increased seismic activity.