Joe Biden, Boris Johnson to solidify alliance with renewed Atlantic Charter


June 10 (UPI) — President Joe Biden will spend the opening leg of his first overseas trip as president meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Thursday on a host of issues, along with signing the Atlantic Charter to address trade, cyber threats and climate change.

Biden and Johnson will meet in Cornwall where the two leaders will hold a bilateral meeting “to affirm the enduring strength of the special relationship between the United States and [Britain],” the White House said in a statement.


The president is also expected to make comments about the coronavirus vaccine program once he reaches St. Ives.

There have been some issues Biden and Johnson have not seen eye-to-eye on. For example, Biden was opposed to Brexit while Johnson fully embraced and pushed for Britain to leave the European Union.

Biden has also shown concern about renewed sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland in light of the Brexit.

“President Biden has been crystal clear about his rock-solid belief in the Good Friday Agreement as the foundation for peaceful coexistence in Northern Ireland,” the White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Wednesday, according to the New York Times.

Johnson said the signing of the Atlantic Charter will be modeled after the first one drawn up between the two countries in 1941.

“President Biden and I will sign a charter that encompasses science, technology and trade and, above all, that underscores our joint commitment to NATO that has been indispensable to our security for decades,” Johnson in a statement Thursday.

“The time has come to dispel any sense of gloom and show how NATO is looking ahead to 2030, reinvigorating its plans and doctrines, protecting our allies on Europe’s eastern flank and safeguarding our people in the new domains of space and cyberspace,” Johnson said.