Kim Jong Un rescued after SUV rolled into ditch, state media says


Oct. 19 (UPI) — Kim Jong Un‘s luxury vehicle rolled into a ditch during a field guidance visit to a North Korean village damaged by flooding. Remarks he made following the incident will be “legendary,” state media said.

Korean Workers’ Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun said in a second-page article published Monday the North Korean leader’s luxury crossover SUV, believed to be a Lexus LX 570, ran into a deep puddle, when he visited a village in Taechongri, in North Hwanghae Province in August.


“The off-road vehicle, which was running through ditches here and there due to heavy rains, slipped into a rice field on the edge of a road,” the Rodong said. North Korea media did not include the reason for reporting belatedly on the incident. The visit was first reported Aug. 7.

The paper went on to say farmers and army officers in Unpa County helped to push Kim’s car out of the puddle. According to the Rodong, Kim thanked the workers then said, “Rather than coming here to help the people, because my car fell into the mud, it is I who am indebted” to the people.

The North Korean newspaper said Kim’s remarks are a sign of his exemplary character.

“Since he has thanked the hard work of people who are doing the right thing, and expressed his indebtedness to them, is there another person quite like our Marshal?” the Rodong said.

“This story will be passed down as a legend” across generations, the newspaper said.

The report of Kim’s August visit comes after the North Korean leader issued a tearful apology during the 75th anniversary of the Korean Workers’ Party. Kim said at the anniversary he had “failed” to live up to his people’s expectations.

KCNA reported Monday the regime continues to “aggressively carry out” quarantining measures against COVID-19, as part of Pyongyang’s 80-day campaign ahead of the Eighth Party Congress in January.

Kim had said at the anniversary there have been no cases of the coronavirus in North Korea.