Left alliance threatens Macron’s majority in French parliamentary election


June 12 (UPI) — French President Emmanuel Macron faces the risk of losing his majority in the National Assembly in the nation’s parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Macron’s Ensemble (Together) Party and Jean-Luc Melenchon’s left-green alliance, known as Nubes, were both on course to win about 25%-26% of the vote, according to projections on Sunday as the president seeks to win 289 seats to maintain his majority.


Melenchon announced that his alliance was in the lead shortly after the first projection was released.

“The truth at the end of the first round is that the presidential party is beaten and defeated,” he said.

He also called on voters to turn out for next week’s second round and “reject definitively the disastrous policies of Mr. Macron’s majority.”

The alliance vows to lower the retirement age, freeze prices on 100 essentials and create a million jobs.

Only 48% of voters took to the polls for Sunday’s vote, an all-time low turnout for a parliamentary election.

Macron defeated far-right opponent Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election in April but Melenchon, who had come in a close third behind Le Pen in the first round of the election, formed a coalition with the hope of blocking Macron’s majority.


Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Sunday urged voters to avoid the risk of “instability” while declaring Macron’s coalition s “the only political force capable of securing a majority of seats in the National Assembly.”

Le Pen, who won 54% of the first-round vote, will move on to the second round next week and also urged voters to ensure “Macron is denied a majority in parliament.”