Lost Italian village emerges after 70 years underwater


After more than 70 years underwater, one of Italy’s submerged cities has resurfaced.

The lost Italian village of Curon, in northern Italy near the borders with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, recently emerged from under Lake Resia.


A lone church tower rising from the middle of a lake was the only indication that a small city, once home to 900 people who lived in 160 homes, ever existed. The historic steeple inspired a novel titled I’m Staying Here and a Netflix show called Curon.

The 14th-century church has also piqued interest among countless tourists who posted images of the unique sight to social media.

The village was flooded for a hydroelectric plant and part of the merger of two nearby lakes, Resia and Curon — two of three natural basins in the Resia Pass area of the southern Alps — back in 1950, according to the BBC.

Curon had been part of Austria until 1919, therefore many of the residents were unable to speak Italian and were ill-equipped to fight the plan to unite the lakes. Their homes were eventually submerged for the sake of producing hydroelectric energy.

A church tower rising from the middle of Lake Resia in Italy. Image via Storyful/Luisa Azzolini

“All the houses were destroyed, except for the church tower that is always visible,” Luisa Azzolini, a local resident who captured the footage, told Storyful.

In April, the remnants of what was left of the village appeared briefly when the lake was temporarily drained for repair work and maintenance on the reservoir after leaks were discovered.