Massive iceberg 4 times the size of NYC breaks off in Antarctica


May 20 (UPI) — The world’s largest iceberg, estimated to be 80 times the size of Manhattan, has broken off from Antarctica.

The iceberg, called A-76, measures about 105 miles in length and is over 15 miles wide. It broke from the western side of Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea, the European Space Agency said.


The iceberg is slightly larger than the Spanish island of Majorca and four times the size of New York City, the ESA said.

The iceberg’s break from Antarctica is not attributed to climate change. Scientists say it’s part of a natural cycle, CNN reported.

The massive berg was first spotted last week by a polar oceanographer with the British Antarctic Survey.

When it melts, the iceberg won’t raise sea levels because it was part of a floating ice shelf already in the ocean. By contrast, chunks that break off Antarctica’s ice sheet, which is on land, would raise the sea level.

Last month, a Harvard study said a possible collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which has been associated with global sea-level rise, has been underestimated.

One simulation showed that global sea rise caused by the melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could increase 20% by the year 2100.