Massive illegal rave disguised as ‘model exhibition’ shuts down British roads


June 4 (UPI) — A massive illegal rave disguised as a “model exhibition” and held in a field in Cornwall has forced British police to shut down area roads to stop partygoers from attending the event.”

Police remain at the scene at Davidstow Moor following reports of an illegal gathering. Officers have been at the site since around 10 p.m. yesterday,” Devon and Cornwall Police said in a statement.


Police said the site has been cordoned off “until further notice” leading to “heavy traffic and travel disruption around Camelford.”

“The event is currently covering quite a large area and we believe there are several hundred people in attendance,” a police spokesperson said.”

A number of people have left this morning and others attempting to enter have been turned away. In the interest of public safety, we are asking anyone thinking about attending the event not to do so.”

The police spokesperson said that legal action will be taken against people attending and running the event.

Aerial footage published to YouTube by drone retailer Hobby Mounts shows dozens of cars still parked at the Davidstow Airfield, where the illegal rave is being held, as residents told local news organizations that loud booming music could be heard miles away.


“There’s cars everywhere. Every road and every corner is jammed solid with cars,” photographer Adrian Jasper of Delabole told Cornwall Live.

“One bloke getting out of his car said he’s driven 400 miles and can’t get in. There’s cars, tents, people camping, people sat in their cars drinking, boots loaded with camping gear. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Signs pointing to the location indicated that the event was a “model exhibition,” according to photos published by the British tabloid Metro UK.

The newspaper reported that only workers at the Davidstow Creamery, known for making cheddar cheese, were being allowed through police barricades.

Residents told Metro UK that they were concerned about the impacts of the illegal rave on local sheep that roam the fields as well as small businesses forced to close for the weekend amid the rave.