McDonald’s in Japan limits sales of fries over potato shortage, delays


Jan. 8 (UPI) — Customers at McDonald’s in Japan are now limited to buying the small size of fries and will be for approximately the next month, the company announced.

A potato shortage and importing delays because of the weather are behind the fast food chain’s temporary limit.


“Regarding potatoes imported from North America, there was a delay in imports due to the effects of a large-scale flood near the port of Vancouver, Canada, which is a transit point for shipping services, and disruption to the global distribution network due to the Corona disaster,” reads a Friday statement from McDonald’s Japan Co., Ltd.

The company made a similar move, restricting medium and large size fries sales during the final week of December.

“In addition to the continued delay in imports, unforeseen circumstances such as cargo retention in Vancouver, confusion due to the effects of snow, and bad weather on the route, and the shipping service scheduled from early January to mid-January There is a further delay in arrival. We will temporarily suspend sales of M and L sizes from January 9, 2022 for about one month, and will sell only S size,” said the fast food chain.


Flooding in British Columbia in November is continuing to cause delays to the supply chain, already affected by COVID-19. Recent heavy snow along the West Coast of the province has also contributed to delays at the Port of Vancouver.