Military assists in rescue efforts amid British Columbia floods


Nov. 18 (UPI) — Canadian military personnel were deployed Thursday in British Columbia to help with recovery efforts in the aftermath of severe flooding and landslides.

At least one person was reported dead in Canada, with three missing.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was on a trip to Washington, D.C., said, “We’re sending resources like the Canadian Armed Forces to support people but also we’ll be there for the cleanup and the rebuilding after impacts of these extreme weather events.”

Eleven people were rescued overnight in Abbotsford, east of Vancouver. Another 184 were rescued by local emergency crews with helicopters and boats earlier in the day.

The City of Chillwack tweeted Thursday that there is no access through its community of Yarrow to Abbotsford, about 60 miles away.

Some 150 people arrived by overnight train in Vancouver on Thursday after they were stranded for three or four days in Hope, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. That municipality was cut off from the mainland on Tuesday as landslides blocked all roads out of the mountainside town.

The CBC also reported that thousands of animals have been lost across the province.

British Columbia declared a state of emergency that will last at least two weeks to give the government more control over supply chains.

The weather system also impacted the Pacific Northwest of the United States.