Pope Francis to create 21 new cardinals in August


May 29 (UPI) — Pope Francis on Sunday announced he will create 21 new cardinals in August, selecting from an array of countries.

The pope said he will hold a consistory for the creation of new cardinals, which are responsible for the election of the pope, on Aug. 27.


“Let us pray for the new cardinals, that by confirming their adherence to Christ, they will help me in my ministry as bishop of Rome for the good of all God’s faithful,” Francis said on Sunday after announcing the names of the new cardinals.

Eight of the newly named cardinals are from Europe, along with six from Asia, four from Central and Latin America, two from Africa one from North America.

Of the 21 cardinals, Pope Francis selected, 16 are younger than 80, making them eligible to vote on a new pope when Francis dies or retires, while the other five are too old to vote.

Sunday’s group marks the ninth set of cardinals Francis has selected.

Following the selections, the College of Cardinals will grow to 229 cardinals including 131 electors.

Among those selected are Archbishop Arthur Roche of Britain, who serves as head of the Vatican’s liturgy office; Bishop Lazarus You Heung-sik of South Korea, who was appointed head of the Vatican’s clergy office last June and Archbishop Fernando Vergez Alzaga of Spain, who governs the Vatican city-state.


Giorgio Marengo, an Italian-born bishop currently working as apostolic prefect of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, will become the youngest member of the College of Cardinals at 48.

The lone North American cardinal selected, Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, has expressed support for allowing women to be deacons and has expanded ministry to the LGBTQ community.