Questions cloud South Korean student’s death after body found in Han River


May 3 (UPI) — Conflicting claims about the death of a 22-year-old South Korean medical student are growing after the man went missing at a riverside park in Seoul and his body was found in the Han River.

Sohn Jung-min, a local student who was at the park with a companion, disappeared early April 25 after 4:30 a.m.


At the funeral ceremony held at the Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital on Monday, Sohn’s father, who was not identified by name, told local news service Dailian that his son’s death was “100%” caused by the actions of another person.

Sohn’s companion, whose name is not being revealed in local press reports, did not attend the funeral on Monday, according to the report.

The friend reportedly called his own mother at about 3:30 a.m. and said that Sohn had passed out and that “he would not wake up.”

Sohn’s companion left the site at 4:30 a.m., but it is unclear whether Sohn was still at the park, unconscious, at the time of the friend’s departure. The friend took Sohn’s mobile phone and went home. When asked about why he had Sohn’s phone in his possession, he said he does not know, according to Dailian.

The companion has said Sohn had engaged in unusual behavior, “shouting and jumping” at the park the night of his disappearance. The companion also said he had “soiled” his shoes and clothes trying to pick up Sohn and bring him back to his feet. Sohn may have been drinking heavily, according to reports.

Sohn’s father said his son’s friend threw away his clothes and shoes after the incident.

“I feel evidence has been destroyed,” Sohn’s father said.

South Korean police said no evidence of foul play has been found on Sohn’s friend, according to local news service MoneyToday.

On Friday rescuers found Sohn’s body in the Han River. Sohn’s father said local authorities found two scars behind Sohn’s left ear. The wounds were not the cause of death, forensics authorities reportedly said.