Rep. Lauren Boebert’s ‘I Identify’ Tweet Mocking Joe Biden Goes Awry


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DOJ official warns companies ‘foolish’ not to shore up cybersecurity amid Russia tensions

A top Justice Department official issued a stark warning Thursday to companies in the U.S. and abroad, calling on them to immediately shore up their cybersecurity defenses amid a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Given the very high tensions that we are experiencing, companies of any size and of all sizes would be foolish not to be preparing right now as we speak — to increase their defenses, to do things like patching, to heighten their alert systems, to be monitoring in real-time their cybersecurity,” deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco said in remarks at the Munich Cybersecurity Conference. Monaco said the threat was in no way “hypothetical,” citing the devastating NotPetya cyberattack in 2017 that started in Ukraine before spreading globally and causing billions of dollars worth of damage.