Satellite images show Russian attack damage in Mariupol, long food lines


March 30 (UPI) — Satellite images from Maxar technologies show immense destruction and devastation in Mariupol, Ukraine, from Russian shelling and bombing.

One image depicted what Maxar said is a grocery store in western Mariupol, with hundreds of people shown standing in line outside the store.


Tens of thousands of people are still in Mariupol. They face food, water and medicine shortages wrought by the Russian attacks, according to Ukrainian officials.

Russian military attacks have hit the city’s power plants. Water and gas have also been cut off, according to Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko.

Boichenko said much of the city’s population of 500,000 has escaped, but said about 160,000 are estimated to still be in the city.

Russian troops are in Mariupol, according to Russian state media and verified by the New York Times.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said in a press statement, “Time is running out for civilians in Mariupol and in other frontline areas who have now gone for weeks with no humanitarian assistance.”

The Red Cross said militaries on the ground need to give civilians and humanitarian organizations security guarantees and practical arrangements to allow aid transports and for those who wish to evacuate to do so safely.