Sudan Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigns amid deadly anti-coup protests


Jan. 2 (UPI) — Sudan’s prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, resigned Sunday amid ongoing protests two months after he was reinstated following a coup that saw him ousted from the position.

Hamdok announced his resignation in a televised speech Sunday evening, saying repeated attempts at mediation following his reinstatement had failed and that the country must move forward with a new dialogue to reach a path toward a democratic, civilian state.


“I tried as much as I could to avoid our country from sliding into disaster,” Hamdok said. “But despite my efforts to achieve the desired and necessary consensus to give citizens security, peace, justice and to stop bloodshed, that did not happen.”

The announcement came after three protesters were killed by Sudanese security forces during protests near the capital on Sunday, the Sudanese Central Doctors Committee said.

Two of the protesters were shot in the chest and the third died from a “violent injury directly to the head.”

Anti-coup protests in the Omdurman marked the 14th day of mass demonstrations against military rule since the coup.

At least 57 people have been killed by security forces in these protests.

Hamdok, who was selected to lead the country for 39 months in place of deposed dictator Omar al-Bashir in April 2019 until elections were held following the former dictatorship, was placed on house arrest after the military seized the government on Oct. 25.


On Nov. 21 he was reinstated as part of a deal between military and civilian leaders that also called for the release of all political detainees captured in the coup as well as the creation of a unified army and an amendment to Sudan’s constitution explicitly outlining the partnership between civilians and military under the transitional government.

The protest movement in the nation, however, rejected the deal, leading to continued unrest.