Sweden’s first female prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, resigns hours after being voted in


Nov. 24 (UPI) — Sweden’s first female prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, resigned from office Wednesday, hours after being voted in.

Andersson’s decision to resign came after she faced a budget defeat in parliament after lawmakers voted in favor of the opposition’s budget, Sweden’s official Twitter account wrote.


The Green Party also moved to exit a minority coalition with Andersson’s Social Democrats.

“The current government will remain as an interim government until a new government is in place,” Sweden’s Twitter account wrote.

Andersson’s resignation came before she was fully in office as she had not yet held counsel with the King, a representative told CNN.

Prior to her decision to resign, Andersson was voted in to replace Stefan Lofven as prime minister and party leader for the Social Democrats.

The vote came after she reached a deal with the former communist Left Party, but the Center Party was hesitant to make the deal with the Left Party and said it wouldn’t back Andersson’s government in a vote on the financial bill.

She was preceded by 33 men in the role of prime minister and was the second woman to head the center-left Social Democrats party.


The other Nordic countries — Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland — previously elected female national leaders.