Sweden’s first female prime minister voted back into office after resignation


Nov. 29 (UPI) — Sweden’s first female prime minister Magdalena Andersson returned to the post on Monday after being forced to resign last week.

Andersson stood down as PM on Wednesday after her coalition collapsed, but was voted back in by a narrow margin on Monday. She’ll lead a one-party government until an election is held in September.


The 54-year-old Social Democratic Party leader is the first female prime minister of Sweden.

Her plan to form a new coalition with the Green Party and her budget proposal failed. The government instead voted in favor of a budget drawn up by opposition parties. Andersson resigned by convention.

She was voted in by 101 members of the 349-members of the Riksdag. There were 75 abstentions and 173 voted against her. She won by avoiding a majority of members voting against her.

The Social Democrats hold 100 of 349 seats.

Andersson will officially begin her role after meeting with the king on Tuesday.