Tesla wins German approval for Berlin-Brandenberg gigafactory


March 4 (UPI) — Tesla won final approval Friday to begin production at its Berlin-Brandenberg gigafactory in Germany.

German authorities gave Tesla permission to start producing electric vehicles and batteries at the plant. Tesla plans to build 500,000 EV’s there. Production will include Tesla Model Y sport utility vehicles.


It took a little more than two years to build the factory and get it ready to start production.

“The U.S. car company Tesla today received the final approval notice for the construction of its two factories for the production of electric cars and battery cells from the approval authority, the State Office for the Environment,” said the Brandenberg State Environment Agency in a press statement.

Brandenberg Prime Minister DIetmar Woidke said in the press statement, “The settlement of Tesla is the first major project in Germany that combines climate neutrality with the creation of additional industrial jobs.”

Woidke said getting the plant open and approved was a “mammoth task” that was performed with breakneck speed.

According to CNBC, the approval is a conditional license subject to a public objection period and other final inspection conditions.

“The Tesla approval process is an unusual process in several respects. In a comparatively short time, the State Office for the Environment inspected and approved not just a factory, but an entire industrial area with several large-scale plants and repeated public participation,” Brandenberg Environment Minister Axel Vogel said in the press statement.