Two Israeli police officers injured, suspect killed in stabbing in Jerusalem


March 6 (UPI) — Two Israeli police officers were injured in Jerusalem before shooting and killing the suspect on Sunday morning,

Karim El Kusami, a 19-year-old from East Jerusalem, was pronounced dead at the scene after police said he attacked an officer with a knife in the city’s Muslim Quarter at around 4:30 a.m.


A second officer’s leg was injured after he was struck by another officer’s bullet as he fired at the suspect.

Both officers were taken to the hospital in good-to-moderate conditions, police said.

El Kusami’s brother, Muhammad, was arrested by police forces following a house search by Israeli officers, an eyewitness said according to Haaretz.

The stabbing follows two separate attacks in which Jewish Israeli men in their 40s were stabbed at a store in a West Bank town near Jerusalem. A suspect in the attacks was later arrested.

“In the coming period, and until after Ramadan, terrorists and extremists will try to set the area on fire,” Public Security Minister Omer Barlev said. “Police and Border Police will be alert and ready.”