U.S to send $100 million to Ukrainian border for civilian evacuations


March 26 (UPI) — The United States will send an additional $100 million to Ukraine to help guards stationed on the border evacuate people fleeing the Russian invasion, the State Department announced on Saturday.

The funds will go toward personal protection, tactical and communication equipment, field gear, medical supplies and armored vehicles for the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service and the National Police of Ukraine, according to a press release from Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


“With the U.S. government’s vital assistance, Ukrainian law enforcement officers are playing a key role in rescuing victims of the Russian government’s brutal assault, leading and protecting convoys of those displaced by attacks, and providing security to civilian areas torn apart by ruthless and devastating bombing,” the release states.

Approximately 3.7 million people have fled Ukraine since the start of Russia’s invasion, according to data released by the United Nations early Saturday.

Of those, 2.2 million fled to neighboring Poland, around 580,000 went to Romania and 20,000 went to Russia. The vast majority of Ukrainian refugees — around 90 percent — are women and children.

Blinken’s statement came two days after the White House announced it would send $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and accept 100,000 refugees displaced by Russia’s attack.


President Joe Biden made the announcement while in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday, after meetings with NATO and the Group of Seven.

“Many Ukrainian refugees will wish to stay in Europe, closer to their homes, but we’ll also welcome 100,000 Ukrainians to the United States with a focus on reuniting families,” Biden said.

The United States admitted 11,411 refugees total in the 2021 fiscal year, according to the State Department, the lowest number in 40 years.

Thousands are currently awaiting entrance to the county from U.S.-operated processing centers overseas, The New York Times reported.