Ukrainian Presidential Office: Russians hysterical after US shipment of MLRS systems to Ukraine



Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the President of the Ukrainian President’s Office, pointed out that Russians became hysterical after US authorities decided to provide Ukraine with MLRS launchers, and called on the West not to hesitate going forward and continue to put pressure on Russia.

Source: Podoliak’s Telegram page

Podoliak’s quote: “All these Russian subjects are disgusting. At all levels… They enter the territory of another country and destroy infrastructure on a large scale, massacre civilians, and deliberately demolish all our cities. They call it a disgusting and false term: ‘special military operation’. All types of heavy artillery, heavy flamethrowers, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, heavy aircraft bombs, and cruise missiles of various modifications with a range of over 1000 km are used in Ukraine.

But as soon as it became known that Ukraine would still receive MLRS with a normal range (100+ km), the Russians immediately fell into hysterical hysteria. A wild scream now stands over the entire Russian swamp: “Not only that! Just don’t give them jet long-range systems! Only not weapons of retaliation!”

The conclusion? As simple as it is. Two savage Russian screams: ‘lift sanctions!’ and ‘we beg on our knees: do not give Ukrainians MLRS!’ –  direct proof of the extreme effectiveness of these two steps… “

Details: Podoliak emphasised that Russians immediately show fear as soon as their opponent is balanced in armaments. According to the adviser, this indicates that the Russian army is courageous enough only to fight against an unarmed civilian population.

Podoliak added that due to innate cowardice, Russian propagandists have tirelessly stated that they are ready to use both chemical weapons and tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

For reference: 

M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) is a multifunctional complex on a crawler chassis, which can be used as an MLRS [Multiple Launch Rocket System] and as OTRK [Operational-tactical missile system]. Unofficially, this complex is called “God’s finger” because of its firepower.

Himars (High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is a similar multifunctional complex on a wheeled chassis. They were used by the U.S. military in the 2003 Iraq military campaign and the Gulf War.


  • In recent weeks, the Ukrainian military and political leadership has insisted on supplying the Ukrainian army with modern MLRS and Himars launchers, which can be used as multiple rocket launchers with a range greater than other systems in Ukraine’s arsenal.

  • On Friday night, American journalists learned that the Biden administration had previously agreed to hand over such launchers with ammunition to Ukraine – the ammunition being compatible not only for its use as MLRS, but not OTRK.

  • Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on 27 May that US authorities had not yet decided to hand over any such launchers to Ukraine.

Officials in Washington have held a series of closed-door meetings with Ukrainian officials to reaffirm their commitment not to strike deep into Russia if the United States agrees to provide such systems.