Woman unconscious after electrocution at Chinese hot springs, reports say


Jan. 8 (UPI) — At least seven people were injured, and one of the victims remains in a coma, after an electrocution at a hot springs resort in southwestern China, according to Hong Kong press reports.

Apple Daily and Oriental Daily News reported Friday that guests at the Haitang Shenquan resort in the city of Zigong, Sichuan Province, were electrocuted while sitting in an outdoor tub Dec. 29. The tub was labeled “iodine bath” and was filled with hot or heated water, according to reports.


Several of the guests may have lost consciousness after the shock. Citing footage from Chinese social media, Apple Daily reported a woman with the surname Zhang fainted after she said she felt a “strange sensation throughout her body.”

“After I woke up, I learned people rescued me from the water,” Zhang said. “I had floated to the surface with my eyes rolled back.”

One man with the surname Li said he attempted to jump out of the tub after feeling “faint electricity.” The man said he felt the lower half of his body become paralyzed and saw two women in the tub had already fainted.

One woman remains in critical condition.

According to Oriental Daily News, parents of the 19-year-old woman with the surname Lian said their daughter remains unconscious after suffering a myocardial infarction following electric shock.

Lian’s father, who was not identified, said he was told his daughter’s kidneys, liver and intestines were not functioning, and the patient was showing symptoms of brain hemorrhage.

Lian’s mother said the hospital initially said her daughter could not be resuscitated, and that it would be better to “go directly to the funeral home,” according to Oriental Daily News.

Zigong’s emergency management bureau said it is conducting joint investigations and official findings will be “announced soon.” The hot springs has closed, according to reports.